Hanky Spanky


I’m not sure many can say this, but the first person who gave me a spanking was a very close friend who was a professional spanker/spankee. We were at a rather sexy party and we were flirting and talking about her exploits with clients.

I was quite new to the scene and I could feel the warmth beginning to emanate from between my legs as I began to get aroused at the idea of my friend with an older gent over her lap, pants down and submitting to her firm hand. But even more so, the visual image of her, switching, knickers around her ankles, her beautiful soft bottom over a client’s knee trembling in anticipation incited a delicious curiosity in me.

Feeling shy, but emboldened by the dampness growing in my panties, I admitted to her that I had never been spanked. Her eyes glistened as she responded, ‘Well, would you like to try?’. Biting my lip, I nodded an enthusiastic yes and she gestured to me to lay across her lap, over her knees. She gently pulled at my skirt, drawing it up over my pert bottom and then, hooking her fingers into my knickers she tugged my panties down my thighs having to lift me to get them out from between the wetness. I felt so vulnerable and exposed; over her knee I was completely in her hands. She must have been able to see the wetness on my knickers and smell the heady aroma of my pussy.

She began to softly caress my bottom, gently grazing her nails as I began to get goose bumps from the cool air and the arousal. One hand was pressed down at the top of my back to keep me in place as she started to slowly rub and squeeze each cheek, pulling them apart and making me squirm – she could see everything, and it was turning me on even more. She was going to do as she pleased.

Then a few slight slaps, gently, softly toying with me – in this moment I was hers and the combination of submission and the sensations on my bottom began my free fall into sub-space. The gentle slaps slowly became heavier and with more weight behind them, so slow at first that I didn’t quite realise how much heavier they were becoming but they were delicious. I wanted more, as the sound of the slaps and the heavy thudding on my cheeks delighted me, feeling the impact on my round bottom and I was confused, torn, aroused by the intertwining of pain and pleasure. I began to make noises I didn’t recognise, the low guttural moans of being deep in sub-space, submitting to pure pleasure. I lost track of everything else, it was just me and her and my hot, sore bottom thrust up in the air over her knee – for all at the party to see.

Just before the pain became too much for me, she gradually slowed down, tracing her hands over the red-hot skin, before stroking my face as I lay un-done, wet and sore in the most pleasurable and indescribable of ways.