How should I get in contact?

Please contact me via email at ms.sapphire@protonmail.com with the details I request on the bookings page.

I prefer to receive emails from prospective clients that are warm, respectful and polite and perhaps show off something of your character and wit.

Once I have received your email we will book a time to discuss over the phone.

What are your rates? How long can I see you for?

My fees are bespoke and dependent on a number of factors, but starting rates are £300 an hour. A date can last one hour to an overnight - for dates over three hours I like to have some time outside of the bedroom, perhaps for a dinner date. Please email me to discuss what you are looking for - see the booking page for details.

Where are you based?

I’m based in central London, UK. I am happy to meet centrally, if you are interested in meeting elsewhere in the UK or abroad please contact me for details.

What are your screening procedures?

I have a range of screening procedures that I use at my discretion, these may include asking for name, phone number, hotel reservation details, or references from other escorts.

As a professional escort the privacy of my clients’ as well as my own is of the utmost importance. My safety and the relationships I have with clients count on this. Therefore I take this very seriously, and I use an encrypted email account and data storage. Please feel free to ask any questions about this.

What kinds of clients do you see?

I see a wide range of people of different ages, backgrounds, and genders who are looking to follow their desires. I am genuinely bisexual and very happy to see men, women and gender diverse people as well as couples. I see people with disabilities - I will just require details to ensure accessibility and the provision of equipment that might be needed.

When can I see you?

I prefer to have dates booked in advance, and am less likely to be able to accommodate last minute bookings. Please contact me with the dates you are hoping to meet alongside the other details as discussed on the bookings page.

Should I bring a gift or tip?

Gifts are not expected, but of course every woman loves to feel appreciated. If you wish to bring a gift, inspiration can be found here.

Tips are a lovely gesture if you have particularly enjoyed our date.